On behalf of the Hilliard family;

I'm very sorry to say that Earthweavers is cancelled again. Primarily as a result of our inability to assure a safe environment during a pandemic but also our ongoing inability to find and keep committed volunteers for the heavy lifting of packing infrastructure in and out. We have wonderful, amazing volunteers for pretty much everything else, and we are so grateful to them and what they have accomplished over the years! We understand that pulling items from storage, loading onto a truck, unloading at the campground, then loading it all back up again after the festival and unpacking the truck into storage is no ones idea of fun. However it is necessary for what we try to offer at Earthweavers. In the past this has been done primarily by family members but most of us are now at the point we cannot physically continue to do this. This is a very sad decision for us to have to make -- we have had a splendid time working with our community over the past 11 years and the memories are so wonderful.

If things change for the better, we will reconsider for next year.

In the meantime, Blessed Be, and we hope to see you all at Pagan Pride and May Moon.